Filipino hackers attack Chinese websites

·Kim Arveen Patria
A screengrab from one of the Chinese websites defaced by Filipino hackers

A group of Filipino hackers late Monday crippled Chinese government and commercial Web sites in protest of Beijing’s moves in the West Philippine Sea.

Almost 200 websites have been defaced in the attack for which Anonymous Philippines has claimed responsibility. Many of them remained down Tuesday.

“China’s alleged claim on maritime territories and oppressive poaching can no longer be tolerated,” a message on the hacked websites showed.

Philippine authorities earlier this month intercepted Chinese boatmen near a disputed reef off Palawan. They were charged with poaching endangered sea turtles.

The arrest threatened to further strain ties between Manila and Beijing, whose ships also recently faced off near a Philippine outpost near the disputed Ayungin Shoal.

Last week, the Foreign Affairs department slammed China over reclamation activities in Mabini Reef, supposedly for the construction of an airstrip in the area.

“Stand against Oppression! It’s time to fight back! Say NO to China's Bullying!” the message read further. It was signed by Anonymous Philippines.

This is not the first time Filipino hackers attacked Chinese websites. A similar campaign in 2012 led to a retaliation from a group of Chinese hackers.

Anonymous, which gained notoriety for hitting Philippine government websites in protest of the Cybercrime Law, listed the affected sites in their Facebook page.

Government sites:

Commercial sites:

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