Filipino nurse who administered world’s 1st Covid vaccine receives medal from Queen Elizabeth

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A Filipino nurse who administered the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine was among the recent recipients of the George Cross Award by the British government.

The George Cross Award is the UK’s highest honor for gallantry, bestowed for acts of “the greatest heroism or the most courage in circumstances of extreme danger” while not in enemy presence.

Queen Elizabeth II awarded the medal to the National Health Service (NHS) for its work over the past 74 years, including its rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. She was joined by her son and heir, Prince Charles, for the medal ceremony that took place on July 12 at Windsor Castle.

Health leaders and frontliners across the UK represented the NHS in the ceremony, including May Parsons, the Filipino nurse who administered the first COVID-19 vaccine in the world in December 2020.

Parsons was one of the recipients of the medal.

“We’re terribly, terribly proud of the vaccination rollout,” Parsons reportedly told the queen.

This is the second time throughout Queen Elizabeth II’s reign that the award has been bestowed collectively upon an organization.

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