Filipino nurse dies after mugger shoves her to the ground in New York

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A New Jersey nurse has died after an alleged mugger shoved her to the ground and her head cracked against the pavement in Times Square in New York, according to reports.

Maria Ambrocio, 58, an oncology nurse at Bayonne Medical Center, was taken off life support at Bellevue Hospital Saturday after sustaining a head injury that left her brain dead. She is survived by her husband and stepchildren.

Ambrocio was walking through Times Square with a friend she accompanied to the Philippine Consulate in Manhattan. The consulate said in a Facebook post that "she was knocked down by someone who was described as a mentally disturbed homeless man."

The suspect, 26-year-old homeless man identified as Jermaine Foster, had snatched and ran off another woman's mobile phone when he knocked the victim to the pavement causing her severe head trauma.

Foster was later arrested and initially charged with robbery and assault. He is now being charged with murder.

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