Filipino teenager amazes drivers by riding bike with boxes stacked on his head

A Filipino teenager has developed an impressive talent for riding a bike with boxes stacked on his head so he can avoid paying for buses.

Mark Navarro, 15, delivered the containers packed with rice cakes to villages in Paranaque City, the Philippines.

In order to avoid the extra costs of using taxis or public transport, he has learned to cycle with three of the plastic boxes packed of stock balanced on his head.

He even borrowed the bicycle from a friend, hoping to save up enough money to afford his own in the coming months.

The youngster, who delivered the goods to help his mother, amazed motorists when he was seen on the road on Tuesday (November 5).

Mark said that the unique talent was his way to help his mother.

He said: "My mother is 51-years-old, so I think I should help her in whatever small way I can.''

Mark's mother, Maritess Navarro, said she baked the rice cakes when her son was in school so he can sell them when he returned home.

She said: "I always tell him to be careful. I am very thankful for having such a helpful son.''

Mark said he will use some of the money he earned from delivering the cakes to buy a new bike so he won't have to borrow the one he is using now.