Finland elects the world's youngest prime minister

Finland's new prime minister will also be the world's youngest.

34-year-old Sanna Marin was nominated by her Social Democratic party on Sunday (December 8), and will take office in the coming days.

A female prime minster at the head of a coalition government whose four other parties are already led by women.

The country's new government, consisting of 12 female and 7 male ministers according to media reports, will be nominated on Tuesday (December 10).

She told reporters on Monday that she hadn't considered her gender or age when running for the top job.


(MALE REPORTER ASKING OFF CAMERA: (Finnish): "So, how does it feel to get the keys to the castle and to be running the country at 34 on Tuesday?")

MARIN: "I will answer the same way I have answered so far; I personally have never thought about my age or my gender but the reasons for which I got into politics and the things that earned us the trust of the Finnish people in the election."

Marin will take over from Social Democrat Prime Minister Antti Rinne.

Finland's government resigned last week after the coalition's Centre Party said it had lost confidence in Rinne over his handling of a postal strike.

The five parties in power decided to stay in coalition, but said there would be a reshuffle.


"The past week has been an exceptional one. Now, it is time to look ahead. Today, as we start the work to form a government, all the governing parties are committed to the good program we agreed on together in June. What we need now is not just words but actions from all the governing parties to build trust. Comrades, let us join forces and work together towards building a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable society. Thank you."

The timing of this change in leadership is awkward for Finland.

Which holds the rotating presidency of the European Union until the end of the year.

Playing a central role in efforts to hammer out a new budget for the bloc.

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