Fire in southern Taiwan kills at least 46

At least 46 people were killed in a fire in a residential building in the southern Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung on Thursday (October 14), according to authorities.

The fire broke out in a 40-year-old building in the early hours of the morning and was extinguished around dawn.

Footage from local television showed firefighters dowsing the burning building with water, as rescue personnel carried injured residents away.

This is one of the residents of the building:

"There was a 'boom' noise and then there was fire. The power lines may have been outside. These last few days there have been 'boom' sounds from the power lines."

The Kaohsiung fire department said in a statement that after completing a search of the building they were able to confirm 46 deaths.

Mayor Chen Chi-mai said the building was partly abandoned, having previously been host to restaurants, karaoke lounges and a cinema.

The government is investigating the cause, including whether arson was to blame.

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