Firefighters Transport Baby to Safety in Flooded Jiangxi Province

Firefighters in China’s southeastern Jiangxi province rescued over 500 people – including a baby – on July 14 from floodwaters that had swept through Ganzhou City.

The official Jiangxi Firefighting Department Weibo page reported that 546 trapped people were rescued by firefighting personnel, while over 2,000 were evacuated from their homes.

According to Chinese media agency Xinhua, at least seven people were missing as a result of the latest severe flooding in Jiangxi province. Over one million people have been impacted, the outlet reported.

This footage shows firefighters in Ganzhou City transporting a sleeping baby through the floodwaters by placing it in a pink plastic bin.

Heavy rainfall and flooding have been afflicting the province since June. Xinhua reported on July 11 that a total of 22 people had been killed and over 7 million affected by the flooding. Credit: Jiangxi Firefighting Department via Storyful