Firefox to get 'per-window' private browsing soon

Privacy-conscious Internet users may benefit from an upcoming feature to Mozilla's Firefox browser, which allows them to open a private window without closing the entire browsing session.

In a blog post, Mozilla said the ability to open a window for private browsing without having to end one's session had been one of the most requested features for Firefox.

"This feature let’s you keep your existing Firefox window when you open a new private window.

We have also added a frequently requested feature to allow opening a link in a private window.

In order to do this, just right click on any link and choose Open Link in a New Private Window," it said.

Mozilla said its engineers worked on rewriting the private browsing code in Firefox for the past 19 months.

It said the first experimental builds will soon be landing on the Firefox Nightly channel (

Firefox builds from the Nightly Channel test new features, but may be prone to frequent crashes and other issues.

Mozilla said it "redesigned the existing private browsing mode from scratch."

"This was a huge project, and we received a lot of help from the Mozilla community, without which this would not have been possible," it said. — TJD, GMA News