Firm to stage 3-day cybersecurity conference

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CYBERSECURITY solutions firm Trend Micro Philippines is staging another cybersecurity forum, Decode, this month targeting some 2,500 virtual delegates.

Happening on Nov. 10 to 12, 2021, the annual cybersecurity conference brings leaders and experts from various organizations to engage members of the industry and discuss trends, new technologies and recent and anticipated threats across the information technology landscape.

Myla Pilao, Trend Micro’s director of Technology Marketing, said the cybersecurity conferences have been timely for a country like the Philippines, especially during this time when the pandemic has forced Filipinos to embrace digitization to improve productivity.

“We wanted to elevate the country’s posture in cybersecurity,” said Pilao, referring to the heightened use of online tools for work, school, business, retail, leisure and banking, among others, during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Philippines ranked 61st out of 194 countries in the 2020 edition of the Global Cybersecurity Index, which measures countries’ commitment in adopting cybersecurity practices. Published by the International Telecommunication Union, the index looks at a country’s laws and regulations on cybercrime and cybersecurity; its implementation of technical capabilities through national and sector-specific agencies; its national strategies and organizations implementing cybersecurity; its awareness campaigns, training, education and incentives for the capacity development of cybersecurity; and the partnerships between agencies, firms and countries.

Pilao said one of the desires of the virtual conference is to ask both the public and private sectors what they can do to accelerate the country’s digital security.

According to Pilao, they have been sharing cybersecurity intelligence with their partners to help them set up security parameters, especially right now when almost all institutions have accelerated their digital transactions.

“We help craft measures in addressing loopholes, identify where the government is vulnerable and how they can counter these issues,” she said during the virtual conference Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021.


Decode 2021’s lineup will feature six keynote speakers across 32 virtual sessions. With the theme Decode 2021: Decide. Decode, the conference will highlight time as a factor in effective decision-making with regard to threat prevention and resolution. It will also equip professionals with the knowledge needed to isolate and assess risks from the get-go.

This year’s keynote speakers include Alexandru Caciuloiu, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime cybercrime project coordinator who will talk about how cybercrime is evolving and growing in Southeast Asia, and Shane Cross, Cybercrime Directorate of Interpol Global Complex for Innovation Interpol’s head of the Cybercrime Intelligence Unit, who will be discussing cybercrime through the lens of law enforcement.

Participants will only need to input their registration details to join the conference and access materials for free.

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