Fish downs 7 family members, elderly neighbor in Dumanjug

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SEVEN members of a family and their 92-year-old neighbor fell ill in what the police described as a case of food poisoning in Barangay Bitoon, Dumanjug City, Cebu on Friday night, November 5, 2021.

Initial investigation showed that the eight individuals ate a fish locally known as Banak that had been sold to them by their neighbor.

The names of the individuals who landed in the hospital were Reynaldo Vergara, 44; his wife Lucia, 41; and their children Kimberly, 19; Krisha, 3; Kimjie, 17; Kiarra, 11; and Krister, 8.

Their 92-year-old neighbor was identified as Teodora Lañojan.

The victims reportedly experienced pain in their abdomen.

Banak is not a poisonous fish. There are several ways to cook it, including in “paksiw” or “daing” style.

Staff Sergeant Merlot Dapar of the Dumanjug Police Station told Superbalita Cebu that the fish was bought from Barangay Pasil, Cebu City.

Merlot said it could be possible that the fish was not thoroughly cleaned or it got mixed with toxic chemicals. Some unethical fish traders preserve fish with formalin so it would still look fresh for a long period.

He said they are still investigating to determine the reason behind the food poisoning incident.

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