Five things everyone needs to experience at the Cebu Lechon Festival 2022

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CELEBRATED yearly in August, the Cebu Lechon Festival 2022 returns to The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City for the fourth consecutive year, and things have gotten even more exciting. Whether guests are experiencing it for the first time or they’re already a regular, there are new thrilling ways to fully immerse themselves in this jubilant tradition.

The Mactan Newtown will be holding events from August 4 to 7, so everyone has plenty of time to experience everything!

1. Live Lechon Roasting

Without a doubt, Cebu Lechon is a glistening gastronomic masterpiece, something every Cebuano would be proud to share with the world. The roasted pig creation is not only a delight to taste, but also a wonderful sight to see as it is being prepared. Discover how Cebu Lechon is thoughtfully made in a live roasting event courtesy of some of Cebu’s finest roasters. Guests can catch it at the Lechon Pit in Mactan Alfresco.

2. Lechon Discounts

One should not leave without bringing home the main reason for the season – the lechon. The four-day festival will spoil guests with various lechon deals and special offers, featuring famous lechon sellers from various towns of Cebu: Ayers Lechon, Lerd's Lechon, My Papart's, Cebu's Tasty Lechon, Cebu's Original Lechon Belly, Imong's Lechon, Magellan's Lechon, ZubuChon, Jojo and Mikai's Lechon, and San Roque's Lechon. Scour for discounted lechon at the Grass Area in Mactan Alfresco.

3. Street Spectacles

Cebu Lechon Festival would not be complete without a celebration of Cebu’s vibrant traditions. Take it to the streets and feel the reverberations at the Beats & Rhythm event, a grand drum show. A series of Cultural Performances will also be staged, such as the Sinulog & Kadaugan sa Mactan, a reenactment of the historic Battle of Mactan; Sinulog Dance; and Rampada Dance among others. Street spectacles will be open to everyone in the Mactan Alfresco area.

4. Festive Beats

Swing by at night and join the celebration of good times at Festive Beats. Complete the Cebu Lechon experience with a music-filled event that will gather the best of Cebu’s local bands and DJs including DJ Kate, DJ David, DJ Charlz, and DJ Mance. Rock the night away at Wellness Center, 8 Newtown Blvd.

5. Pyro Shows

Cap off the feast with fiery lights and colors. Watch out for a stunning Fire Dance that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Then, make it a point to see the majestic Fireworks Display which is definitely worth the wait. Both grand exhibitions will be held at the Mactan Alfresco.

For updates on the latest happenings, visit Megaworld Lifestyle Malls and The Mactan Newtown on Facebook. (SPONSORED CONTENT)

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