Five ways to enjoy ‘National Iced Tea Day’

Christian Jay B. Quilo

WHY just spill the (iced) tea when you can make it, too? Aside from being a refreshing beverage in this heat, iced tea is pretty easy to make at home. It also makes for a versatile base that goes well with a lot of other elements. To celebrate National Iced Tea Day, here are five ingredients you can add to spruce up your iced tea:


Mix iced tea with lemonade and you have what’s popularly known as the Arnold Palmer, named after the American golfer, who was believed to frequently request the iced tea-lemonade combo. If you enjoy both drinks separately, you’re going to love them together.


The addition of cool fresh mint in iced tea makes it the perfect palate cleanser with its clean and crisp mouthfeel, especially with hearty meals that involve greasy dishes. Mint has calming properties, too.


Inject your iced tea with some local flavor. Tamarind has a unique sweet and sour flavor. And if you’re a fan of the sampalok candy, then you obviously know how addicting it can be. More than just flavor, tamarind is also known for its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits.


Pandan is incorporated in a lot of cooking, especially in Southeast Asian cuisine but it’s great for drinks, too. It has a subtle herby sweetness and a fragrant aroma that just makes all the difference. You can use a syrup but if you have fresh leaves, those are even better.


The vibrant and juicy watermelon is great as is but it’s a great fruit to incorporate into iced tea, too. It has a flavor that beautifully blends with tea and gives it this beautiful bright hue. Finish off the drink with cubes of watermelon for texture.