Flaming Debris From El Dorado Fire Rolls Onto Highway 38 Near Angelus Oaks

Flaming debris from the El Dorado Fire burning in San Bernardino National Forest fell on Highway 38, according to footage taken on September 17.

Michael Fila, an emergency dispatcher and fire photographer, captured this video using his Garmin dashcam, showing a “roll out”, or a piece of lit debris as it fell down the hillside. In this video, individuals can be heard via dispatch radio traffic describing the scene.

“It’s a little sketchy here, rocks keep falling but we’re going to make a run for it,” an unidentified man can be heard saying on the dispatch radio. Fila later tells the man he had a “full tree come down”.

According to reports, the El Dorado Fire surpassed 22,000 acres and was at 59 percent containment as of Saturday, September 19. Credit: Michael Fila, Jr. via Storyful