Flood control project affects over 300 houses in Duljo, Mambaling

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MORE than 300 houses of mostly informal settlers in Barangays Mambaling and Duljo Fatima will be affected by the flood control project at Kinalumsan River in Cebu City.

A portion of these houses will be demolished, according to City Councilor Jerry Guardo, chairman of the council’s committee on infrastructure.

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) 7 will issue a resume to work order to its contractor on Wednesday, March 24, 2021.

The contractor will dredge and widen the river to prevent it from swelling during rainy days. The project costs P554 million under the DPWH 7’s flood control efforts that will benefit Barangays Mambaling and Duljo Fatima, the villages that often experience flooding when the Kinalumsan River swells.

Guardo said two big commercial centers will be affected by the project, but the management teams of both companies vowed to cooperate with the DPWH 7.


Nine houses will be cleared first to free up the three-meter easement in Mambaling. Owners were paid by the City Government.

The Prevention, Restoration, Order Beautification and Enhancement team will demolish the structures made of concrete and wood starting on Wednesday, March 24.

Guardo said the City Government will pay a minimum of P24,000 for each house affected by the DPWH 7 project, but they can also offer a relocation site if the house owner wishes so.

The DPWH 7 has allocated more than P1 billion for its flood control projects that will widen the rivers and creeks in Cebu City. (PAC / KAL)