Florida cop resigns over traffic stop

Florida Deputy Jason Desue resigned, after officials said he violated department standards. The woman, Ebony Washington, was eventually given a speeding ticket and let go.

Video Transcript

- Pull the vehicle over. Pull the vehicle over! I will put you into the ground.

- I ain't worried. I got my gun on you. We're all good here. Step out!

- My seatbelt is still on.

- OK.

- You told me not to do anything.

- Go ahead. Take it off.

- I have my three kids in the car.

- OK.

- And the reason why I did not stop is because I'm in the middle of nowhere. My husband tell me not--

- I-- I-- your excuse means nothing to me right now. I don't want to hear it.

- I've never been pulled over like this before.

- You don't know how a traffic stop works?

- I'm a married, educated woman--

- OK.

- --with a master's degree. I swear the lord knows I'm not doing-- I was only-- not because it's dark out. And I have four-- three kids with me. I'm pregnant, and I did not want them to feel uncomfortable.

- Cool.

- That's why I put my hazard lights on.

- And then all that is shady. That's why I'm doing what I'm doing right now.

- That's understandable.

- And now, I got them coming, because it's a big old thing you had to make of it.

- I did not mean to do all that.

- Cool. Awesome.