Food Court Wars: The Dish-out

Are you a food-court loving foodie? Well I am for sure! There's nothing more inviting than a hodgepodge of food stalls ever-so ready to cater to your gastronomical needs; easy on the pocket, but hearty on your palate! 

Food-court jurisdiction: Juice rates the food-trip smorgasbords, dishing out on the best stalls to feast on with our recommendations on their must-munch-on treats! 

WARNING: Our mouth-watering descriptions might just send you rushing to your nearest food-court. Do not read on an empty stomach! 

Rating: GOOD

Tactic: Fiesta Market is your upscale version of the Pinoy turo-turo--which gets you more bang for your buck. Dine al fresco, as you satisfy your hunger pangs with the best of Pinoy comfort food: from authentic Filipino cuisine and street food, to native delights and delicacies! Mind you, it's hard to resist the aroma of tasty grilled food!

Secret Weapons: 

Munch on home-cooked, native Kapampangan fare. Must-try: their famous Sisig dish, Sinigang sa Miso (made from scratch with tamarind), Grilled Tuna Belly, Burong Hipon with fresh Mustasa and inihaw na Talong, and their sinfully rich Leche Flan (which only uses egg yolks)--not so good for the high in cholesterol! 

2) Ineng's Special BBQ (with its special BBQ sauce!)

3) Bugong Wrap King

'Bugong' is a Batanguenyo word for binalot. Healthy option: their old-fashioned NO MSG roast chicken, marinated in 18 types of herbs with added garlic, pepper, and lemon. Hungry yet?

4) Freska Ilonggo Seafood and Inasal

Try their sinigang which only uses special batuan seeds from Iloilo, an ingredient more sour than kalamansi.

Weak Points: the lack of ambiance, long lines, super crowded tables, the cacophony of sounds, and possible snatchers lurking around; don't expect the tables to be spick and span either.  

Rating: Slightly better than GOOD

Tactic: Even the food-court embodies the south's laid-back feel; no need to worry about those super-crowded, dirty tables or too-noisy crowds. The ambiance is fuss-free, steady, and chill. Interesting but random factor: birds fly freely around the ceiling area!

Secret Weapons:

The siopao that's available either in wheat or regular dough. Choose from an array of 16 flavors!

2) Heaven in a Milkshake

3) Potato Corner: the no-fail classic!

Weak Points: limited food choices


Tactic: Around the world in one lunch time: from Greece to India and Germany, this court is perfectly cosmopolitan for our taste buds! The court boasts of its well-kept, spacious environment, its ambiance, and unique food stalls.

Secret Weapons:

1) Go Greek

2) Schatzi's German Sausage Factory

3) New Bombay Express


4) TOSH Express: Our favorite 'The Old Spaghetti House' resto takes its fighting form in fast-food. 

Weak Points: I honestly can't think of any. 

Rating: Slightly better than GOOD

Tactic: its wide array of munch options will satisfy your every craving!

Secret Weapons: American fast-food chains.

6) KFC

Weak Points: its noisy area and slightly slow table-cleaning service.

Rating: GOOD

Tactic: nice lighting and booth-style dining tables at the side (which are quite hard to get a hold of since the place is almost always crowded).

Secret Weapons: 

2) Sencillo

4) Mongolian BBQ Bowl

5) Homerun Hotdogs 

Weak Points: its noisy area and crowded spaces.


Tactic: The court is home to a more-than-enough smorgasbord of food options.

Secret Weapons: 

1) Mini Melts: The Ice Cream Dream

2) Kookie Korner

Weak Points: poor ambiance and the lack of good interior design (I don't see the 'garden' in 'Garden Court').

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