Ford Bronco reportedly getting dealer-fitted tubular doors

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Bronco owners will soon be able to order the tubular doors that Ford has fitted to several concepts in recent months, according to a new report. Possibly called EZ Air, the doors will allegedly arrive as dealer-installed accessories compatible with two- and four-door models.

Citing anonymous Ford Performance executives, enthusiast website Ford Authority reported that the tubular doors showcased by design studies like the Bronco Riptide (pictured) will make their debut in late 2021 for the 2022 model year. The publication added that they will fit every trim level, though details such as how much they'll weigh and how much time they'll require to install haven't been released.

Ford hasn't commented on the report, and it hasn't announced plans to make tubular doors available. If they look like the ones fitted to the Riptide, they'll feature an outer tube shaped like the Bronco's regular doors, a middle tube added for extra strength (and to ensure folks and bags don't fall out), and plastic trim shaped like a handle. Aftermarket companies have offered similar doors for the Jeep Wrangler for years.

This isn't the first time we've heard about tubular doors for the sixth-generation Bronco; in late 2020, a company representative reportedly confirmed that the option would be available sooner or later. The same source ruled out the possibility of offering factory-fitted donut doors, however. And, it certainly looks like the Bronco was designed with different door options in mind. The exterior mirrors are mounted at the base of the windshield so that drivers can see what's behind them regardless of whether the doors are full, tubular, or non-existent.

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