Ford giving FITS accessories kits to some Maverick Hybrid reservation holders

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When Ford told us in September that the 2022 Maverick Hybrid pickup wasn't delayed due to the chip shortage, and that it would be available at launch, the automaker was being half true. The pickup is delayed while waiting for federal and state emissions certifications, not chips. An Automotive News report says the trucks will ship in December, first deliveries anticipated in January 2022.

Ford Authority says some of those reservation holders will get something concrete whenever they do get their trucks. Citing a letter from Ford to buyers, the automaker will give them a few accessories that slot into the Ford Integrated Tether System, or FITS for short. The FITS is a set of eight slots in the Maverick cabin — seven in the under-seat storage bins, one at the rear of the center tunnel — that accept pre-made add-ons like cupholders and storage bins with the proper mount. Since Ford has provided Maverick owners with 3D-printing geometry of the slots system thanks to a QR code in the vehicle, owners can print any kind of convenience feature they'd like to mount. The free kit that will come with the truck is said to include "a storage bin, cupholder, phone cord organizer, bag hooks and dividers for the under-seat storage area."

Consider it a mea culpa to members of forums like Maverick Truck Club and Maverick Chat, who are putting all their intel together to figure out what to make of the conflicting information, or lack of information, Ford has provided about when their trucks will come in. This could be the most useful kind of apology yet, Ford learning its way through such matters after having given away Bronco-themed hammocks to some Bronco reservation holders in August and then issuing dealers a $1,000 customer satisfaction fund in September to ease the pain of continuing delays with the hugely popular off-roader.

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