Ford Maverick hybrids will reportedly not be stocked at launch

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It appears Maverick customers will get a taste of Ford's new build-to-order strategy this fall. Due to limited production allocations and ongoing pandemic-related supply issues, the only hybrid models that will initially be delivered to dealers will be sold orders.

Per a dealer representative on, this is expected to be the case for the first two months of Maverick's rollout – at minimum – as the company has at least that many verified retail orders in the system. Hybrid engines will reportedly represent 35% of the initial production volume, ramping up to 40% after inventories stabilize against incoming orders. As the base model, the hybrid is expected to be in higher demand once initial pre-orders are filled, as early buyers tend to spec out higher-trim models.

The post also suggests that customers in the market for models with the factory-applied bed liner could also be waiting a bit longer for an order slot, but it doesn't appear to be anywhere near as dire as the situation surrounding the Ford Bronco's factory hard tops.

Ford CEO Jim Farley said last week that the automaker was intent on shifting away from making vehicles that wind up stockpiled on dealer lots, to building them to customer orders, reducing the discounts necessary to move stagnant inventory. While this ultimately may result in lost volume, it should contribute to ongoing per-unit profitability.

"We are really committed to going to an order-based system and keeping inventories at 50 to 60 days' supply," Farley said.

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