Ford Mustang Mach-E vs. Volkswagen ID.4 | Autoblog Podcast #692

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In this episode of the Autoblog Podcast, Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore is joined by Senior Editor, Green, John Beltz Snyder. John recently drove the Ford Mustang Mach-E California Route 1 and Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S back to back, and shares his thoughts from the comparison. Greg has been reacquainting himself with the Toyota 4Runner, and John has been sampling a diesel-powered Cadillac Escalade and doing some soft-roading in his Hyundai Palisade. Greg ruminates on what things would be like if John DeLorean had risen to the top of General Motors. Finally, they talk about Audi's wheelbase-shifting SkySphere electric roadster concept.

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Autoblog Podcast #692

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