Foreigner taken into custody after he beats Filipina wife senseless

AN IRISH national landed in jail after he was arrested for beating up his Filipina wife in Barangay Banhigan in the western town of Badian, Cebu on Monday night, November 14, 2022.

The suspect was identified as 50-year-old Jason Andrew O’Connor. He is currently detained at the Badian Police Station.

His wife Michelle Avenido O’Connor, 43, was brought to the Badian District Hospital but she was later transferred to the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in Cebu City to receive treatment for her severe injuries.

Major James Conaco, Badian Police Station chief, said the couple had been drinking before the incident happened at 6:50 p.m.

Based on their initial investigation, the O’Connors are constantly arguing over their finances. They’re also known to hit the bottle, which has forced the victim’s mother to look after the couple’s children.

On Monday night, Conaco said they received a call about a foreigner who was running amok in the barangay.

When police arrived, they found the house in chaos and Jason beating his wife with a firewood.

It took them awhile to neutralize the situation as Jason resisted their efforts to pacify him.

Michelle, who had lost consciousness, had a black eye and several bruises in different parts of the body.

“Brutal kayo kay asta iyang sampot gibunalbunalan sa binugha. Nakuyapan intawon ang biktima,” Conaco said.

(It was very brutal because the suspect also beat her buttocks with the firewood. The victim ended up fainting.)

When Michelle regained consciousness, she told police that it wasn’t the first time that her husband attacked and beat her. She said he would also throw whatever he could get his hands on at her.

After he sobered up, Jason confessed to the crime, saying he was drunk and angry and he just suddenly beat up his wife.

"Mihilak siya (suspek) gusto na niyang mopauli sa ilang lugar. Dili na siya makaantos sa iyang kahimtang karon nga napordoy," Conaco said.

(The suspect then cried and said he wanted to go back to his country. He could not bear being poor.)

Michelle later told police she regretted marrying a foreigner to break free from poverty. Instead of her life getting better, it had gotten worse as she and her husband fought all the time over money.

Jason will be charged with serious physical injuries in relation to Republic Act 9262, or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Law. (GPL, PJB)