Former inmate uncovers anomalies in Cebu City jail

A CEBU City Jail inmate revealed the anomalies done by the jail guards inside the facility in Barangay Kalunasan, Cebu City.

The suspect, only identified as Berto, was just released from prison but was sent back to jail after being arrested during the Simultaneous Anti-Criminality and Law Enforcement Operation (Sacleo) conducted by the police last week.

Berto alleged that there are jail guards who accepted bribes in exchange for smuggling of cellular phones worth between P50,000 and P60,000 into the facility.

He, however, refused to reveal the names of the jail officers involved.

Berton said cellphone brands such as Vivo and Oppo are the ones sneaked into the jail illegally as these can be easily concealed.

“Tag 50 to 60 mil, kanang mga ordinary nga cellphone lang, mga Class A lang nga cellphone ba. Mga BJMP (Bureau of Jail Management and Penology) ra man magpalusot ana,” Berto said.

“Priced at P50,000 to P60,000, the ordinary or Class A cellphones. They, the BJMP, are smuggling these).

Berto said they will know beforehand when there is an impending Greyhound Operation by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the BJMP because they will be informed by the jail personnel, who will instruct them to hide their gadgets in the ceiling or in other places that cannot be easily detected by the raiding personnel.

But he said that big-time drug personalities will just coordinate with the BJMP personnel in keeping their cellphones.

"Ako big timer ko, moingon rako nga sir hiposa sa na sir ako lang bahala. Moana nga, sige ako lang hipos ani. Daghan mga karaan nga mga BJMP, pila na ka tuig nga nagserbisyo diha, mga karaan kusog magpasud og ingun ana,” Berto said.

(If I am a big timer, I will just tell the BJMP personnel to keep my cellphone and they will say okay. Most of those involved are BJMP personnel who have been serving the facility for quite a long time already).

Among the smuggled items are cigarettes that will be sold in higher prices.

Jail Officer 3 Blanche Bation, spokesperson of the Cebu City Jail Male Dormitory, said that City Jail Warden Superintendent Gregorio Acacio is willing to cooperate with the authorities if an investigation would be launched.

“As per talk namo ni warden, very open siya nga mo-coordinate and mo cooperate sa atoang PNP (Philippine National Police) at the same time sa PDEA if and when necessary related ni sa kadtong allegation sa nadakpan nga aduna mi personnel diri sa Cebu City Jail nga involved sa pagpasulod sa mga cellular phones,” Bation said.

If it comes out in the investigation that the accusations are true, a case will be filed against the accused.

Among the things that the BJMP officials are looking into are the allegations of some drug personalities who were arrested during the buy-bust operation that their drug supply comes from inside the Cebu City jail.

The BJMP promised to pay close attention to even the smallest details revealed by the drug personalities to combat the spread of illegal drugs. (AYB/TPT)