Former Islander Sharon Gaffka criticises the show for 'going too far'

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Photo credit: ITV2
Photo credit: ITV2

Former Love Island contestant Sharon Gaffka says the show's producers went "too far" by sending a photo of Teddy Soares kissing a Casa Amor bombshell to his partner Faye Winter.

Speaking to the Metro, Sharon said: "Oh yeah, 100% [the producers went too far]."

ICYMI (how??) last week we saw the boys head off on a 'lads holiday' to Casa Amor where six new girls were waiting to make their moves on them. Despite sleeping on the day bed outside for the duration of his stay in Casa, and only kissing the new girls in a challenge, a photo of Teddy snogging Clarisse was included on the postcard sent to the Main Villa.

The fallout led to Faye recoupling with Sam, while Teddy was left standing alone holding Faye's other teddy. Very sad scenes, tbh.

"For me, Teddy is the most loyal person. He’s worked very hard to work with Faye’s boundaries and the walls she’s put up because of past relationships and I think it was really unfair what they did to them," Sharon continued.

"The girls who brought boys back only did that because they were protecting themselves as opposed to playing a game… Faye thought Teddy was cheating."

But Sharon wasn't the only person unhappy with how the situation was handled. Viewers made a record-breaking number of complaints to Ofcom about the scenes, with many claiming the postcard was misleading and caused unnecessary distress.

The TV watchdog confirmed they'd received over 4300 complaints relating to the postcard.

Luckily, the pair have since rekindled their romance and Feddy is *officially* back on. And, despite the drama, Sharon reckons the postcard has actually made them a stronger couple and in with a chance of winning.

"When I left the villa I said that Jiberty (Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole) would win, obviously that was early stages," she said, "everyone has warmed up to Teddy and we’ve seen both him and Faye in very different ways."

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