Franchising company expands to Cebu

By Kaila Jewels Tashvana B. Cajelo

AS IT expand its services to Cebu, Easy Franchise is making franchising accessible to Cebuanos, a business venture that usually requires a rigorous process to follow.

Easy Franchise’s consultant Angela Villaluz said the company continuously aims to maintain excellent quality of service with their partner companies.

“Our partners can ensure their investments are realized,” Villaluz said at the BEXCS media launch Thursday, Jan. 12, 2023 at NuStar Resort and Casino.

With its expansion to the Queen City of the South, Easy Franchise promotes a simplified process for entrepreneurs to follow in applying for franchises.

Easy Franchise allows entrepreneurs to easily avail themselves of the franchising services and aids them in growing their businesses and bolstering their investments a tenfold.

To adapt to Cebu’s ever-growing market, Easy Franchise brings BEXCS, a logistics solutions company to the province. All of its branches in Cebu will be managed by Easy Franchise.

The franchising company introduced BEXCS to the province’s radar late last year in its “Franchise Fiesta in Cebu” seminar where it coached Cebuano entrepreneurs on how to franchise their businesses the correct way.

Easy Franchise is part of the BEXCS wide-ranging expansion in the province of Cebu and is committed to developing the franchise structure of the logistics company as it slowly makes itself known in the province and the world as a whole.