‘You’re free to discuss’: Kris Aquino settles long-running feud with former associate

Former presidential daughter Kris Aquino has finally settled her long, drawn-out legal tussle with former business associate Nicko Falcis, and today declared that she wanted to “leave this chapter behind.”

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On Instagram this afternoon, Aquino posted a black-and-white self-portrait along with a dramatic preface that reads like it was taken straight from a crocheted throw pillow: “LEARN from YESTERDAY… LIKE TODAY… But above all, make sure to LOVE TOMORROW.” (Hey Kris, you forgot “Dance like no one is watching.”)

Aquino added that with the closure of the feud, she wanted to “embrace all that lies ahead for me.” She also said that the comments for the post will be turned off, but her followers are “free to discuss the statement” issued by her lawyers — just not on her social media account. (Gee, thanks, your majesty.)

The statement from Divina Law — which Aquino posted along with her photo — said that she, Nicko, and his brother, Jesus Falcis III, “have fairly settled all financial issues and amicably worked out all personal differences. To avoid any future misunderstanding, no further statement shall be forthcoming.”

The whole drama involving Aquino and Nicko Falcis started in November, when she accused him of supposedly using the credit card of her company Kris C. Aquino Productions (KCAP) for his personal expenses, amounting to PHP1.27 million (US$19,721).

The pair waged a bitter social media war that reached its most dramatic point when Falcis accused Aquino of threatening to kill him if he came back to the Philippines from Bangkok, where he was temporarily based.

Aquino, meanwhile, filed multiple police complaints of qualified theft against Falcis in Mandaluyong, San Juan, Taguig, Pasig, Makati, Manila, and Quezon City — all cities where the thefts allegedly occurred. However, Falcis denied her accusations and said that all purchases were made in connection with client meetings for KCAP.

The charges against Falcis were later dismissed in Makati CityPasig City, and Taguig City.

Several hours after Aquino posted her lawyers’ statement, Falcis posted the statement as well, adding that he is “grateful for all the legal firms who have helped us and protected all of our mutual interests.”

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