French astronaut set to make history on ISS

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet is about to make history

as the first ever French captain of a spaceship

"… the crew is happy, the crew is in great shape, in high spirits. Their families are here at the Cape, and everything is fine. We're trying to enjoy our last few days on Earth before leaving the planet for six months."

Location: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Pesquet and three other astronauts will soon launch into space

Courtesy: ESA

as part of NASA's SpaceX mission aboard the Crew Dragon capsule

Pesquet participated in his first ISS mission from November 2016 to June 2017

Courtesy ESA/NASA

"Right now, I'm in shape physically. I think in physical terms, it will go very well. However mentally, it's more challenging. It's more difficult because we know what we're exposing ourselves to. The first time we went, we were leaving for an adventure. We knew it was going to be difficult because we've been told so, because we're imagining it and we are able to understand it. But we don't really know quite how difficult it will be, or exactly what or when it will get difficult. The second time, we know exactly what we're getting ourselves into. When you've already run a marathon, you know that it will hurt. It's exactly the same this time."