Fur babies: Days at home made fun


WITH almost all of us currently spending our days at home, it’s safe to say that no one’s more happy about this than our pets! (It’s a guarantee they wouldn’t want it any other way. Have they stopped wagging their tails?) Read on to find out how some locals are making the most of their time at home in the company of their fur babies.

“Happiness has always been what Buchi and Blanca give me but with this quarantine period, happiness is doubled. I am really happy to see them happier! I am quite a busy person. Sometimes, I can’t spend quality time with them but this time I spend more time than what they really want. I have more time with them in bed upon waking up (unlike before, they usually want more “love-love” time in bed but I have to be up for work or other early activities). Now, I also prepare their food and discover new dog recipes like peels from root crops and fruits that can be fried or toasted as a perfect treat for them. When the experimental chef in me fails, they would be jumping for joy to devour my failed recipe that my family won’t eat. Them being so happy gives me back genuine happiness. Especially with social distancing, their presence with their licks and snuggles will definitely not make me feel alone. As of now, they are my main source of endorphins and they also keep me moving. There are days when I am just in bed or on the couch on my phone—them jumping in reminds me to have a break, not immerse in social media so much and spend time to move, play with them or experiment another dish for them to enjoy.” - Dr. Xavier G. Solis on his dogs Buchi and Blanca

“I tried doing this dance challenge, which was a flop because she was way too eager to photobomb in every take. That is how it has been the past month we’ve been home— Boots hanging out with us all day, whether we’re watching TV, working, having meals or doing chores. She loves it when we’re cooking because she knows she’ll have her share. Sometimes when I feel down, trapped and bored, I look at Boots and wonder how dogs can be so jolly even with the smallest things. But I guess that’s it, from their perspective— simply live in the moment and be your own ball of happiness. Boots and all other doggies probably think they’re so lucky right now to have their family home all the time, but I know it’s us who are luckier to have them around.” - Fiona Escandor on her dog Boots

“He wakes me up almost every day. He tosses his toys on the bed, on my face, so I play with him in the morning. I walk him thrice a week already. With the quarantine, Pluto and I made a talk show. He talks to me as if he is bored too.” - Adrian Diongzon on his dog Pluto

“Being on quarantine may sometimes take its toll on one’s household. But it’s really not all that bad, especially when there’s a hyperactive, cuddly fur baby to brighten your mood. The quarantine allowed us to catch up on some quality, pamper time with our pom, Magnus. When we go on our grocery run, we make sure to get something delish and spoil him with dog treats plus a whole lotta lovin’ when we reach home. Part of our quarantine list is to give Magnus (his favorite) long baths, fun yet sometimes stressful fur-brushing sesh and relaxing belly rubs. Though things may get stressful at times because of the troubling news reports, a much-needed cuddle session usually lifts our spirits (and makes him wag his tail)! He acts like a baby around us but is actually very protective at times. Netflix has also been a pretty big part of our everyday life while on quarantine. We usually put on a binge-worthy show and watch it together. He acts like he understands it all, but truth is he just likes to snuggle on the couch with his fur parents. Being quarantined made us realize that home is truly where the dog is!” - Karhlo Go and Gabe Llanto on their dog Magnus