Gabbi Garcia issues statement about love team breakup

23 May – Following GMA Artist Center's statement about the temporary break of her love team with Ruru Madrid, Gabbi Garcia recently took to social media to express her thoughts regarding the issue as well.

As reported on PEP, Garcia shared a note on Twitter, which read, "I honestly learned a lot from the past years, may it be personal life [or] work. I got to know myself better on how to handle situations, and how to manage my emotions as well. Strength [and] self-worth, indeed. For that, I would like to thank everybody who supported GabRu for the past [four] years.

"It has been a great journey filled with endless learnings and love. Your presence [and] support were unquestionable, and I never felt alone all throughout the journey."

Garcia acknowledged the fact that some of their fans may have a hard time accepting it, but hopes for them to look at it positively.

"[...] we get to grow not only as artists, but as individuals in our personal lives as well! That goes for you too. Always the positive side and the bigger picture."

She continued, "I do hope we spread peace and positivity, and remain happy for the success and the future projects of each one. I hope that this clears the mind of everybody who's asking about this."

"I love you. Thank you so much for your love and support," she added.

Garcia and Madrid's last drama together was "Sherlock Jr.". Prior to that, they've filmed "My Destiny", "Let the Love Begin", and "Encantadia" together.

(Photo Source: Gabbi Garcia Instagram)