GAC Motor launches in Cebu with new subcompact crossover

Christian B. Quilo

GUANGZHOU Automobile Group Co. (GAC), a car manufacturer based in China, makes its foray into Cebu with an impressive roster of vehicles.

In Cebu, GAC Motor is under the sole dealership of New Age Motor Group. With the opening of its first showroom in Cebu last Jan. 25, GAC Motor introduced its latest rollouts, including the GS3. GAC aims to combine style and performance in this subcompact crossover.

The GS3 has a GAC second generation 200T engine, featuring cutting-edge technologies such as Gasoline Combustion Control System, low-inertia electric E-Turbo and Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing, delivering low fuel consumption and high power with minimal noise. The engine is matched with a third generation AISIN six-speed Automatic Transmission, which enables smooth shifting of gears.

The vehicle is designed to provide utmost convenience for the driver and passengers. Features include smart keyless entry with push start button and a multi-functional steering wheel so the driver has easy access to several functions without having to take his or her hands off the wheel. In addition, there is also an HD full-color eight-inch LED touchscreen for infotainment and automatic climate control so cabin temperature is at a comfortable level at all times.

Details like the flying dynamics integrated chromed grille, floating roof design, power sunroof, eagle-eye lens headlights, horizontal dual eight-shaped taillights all lend to a modern sporty vibe.

The GS3 also comes with cutting-edge safety features such as the Bosch Electronic Stability Program, which makes sure the car does not over-steer or under-steer; Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which keeps the driver updated on tire pressure in real time and alarms in case of abnormal tire pressure; and an Electronic Parking Brake with Autohold, an updated replacement of the traditional hand brake rod.

Colors available for this unit are Mocha Brown, Ivory White, Fiery Red, Beeswax Yellow and Elegant Black.

The GAC Motor Showroom is located along ML Quezon Street, Casuntingan, Mandaue City.