Game-changing corporate commuter service now available

CONQUERING the commute to and from work has been a constant struggle for employees throughout the country. From the heavy traffic to the lack of transportation options and more, commuting struggles mean that many Filipinos are losing precious time that could have been spent with their families. To help with this, SWAT Mobility has successfully deployed technology-based solutions for employee transport in the Philippines. Most recently in Cebu, SWAT Mobility launched “Mobility,” a close-to-door, direct shuttle service that operates on a pay-per-ride basis for employees.

Believing in its value to both the companies and their employees, and the model’s economic viability, the company now intends to scale this new pay-per-ride model for its current and new clients. “This pay-per-ride model provides a sustainable way for companies to offer transportation for their employees. Employees are also able to reduce their commuting expenses while enjoying the benefits of direct and comfortable rides to work. We have also made the payment process very straightforward and easy for them. So far, the employees who have tried the service love it, and we are seeing repeated bookings weekly since launch,” said Theresa Busmente, head of SWAT Mobility’s operations in the Philippines.

Complementing their vision and messaging for employees and employers, SWAT Mobility published their newest AVP on their social media channels, highlighting the pains a mother experiences during her daily commute for work. Presenting the effects of missing out on the important moments in our loved ones’ lives due to the time spent stuck on the road home, their video conveys not only the stress it adds to the employee on the daily, but the emotional rifts brought by such problems, as well. The AVP showcases how companies can help provide comfortable, convenient and punctual rides for their employees that would not only boost their productivity but improve their mental health and give them more time to enjoy with their families, too.

SWAT Mobility’s service is expected to be available to about 40,000 employee headcounts across eight to nine BPO companies after the first phase of roll-out in Cebu. Along with partners, Cebu Trip Rent-a-Car and HVI, SWAT Mobility has already launched its service with three companies to date.

Theresa adds, “We are heartened by the uptake in Cebu, and we plan to expand this service with more BPO, manufacturing and FMCG companies in the coming year.” (SPONSORED CONTENT)