Garcia admires Duterte for his humility

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WITH less than a month to go before President Rodrigo Duterte would step down, Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia expressed admiration for the president for being humble and not bragging about the accomplishments he had made for the country.

Garcia thanked Duterte for the contributions he had done in his six-year term of office, including infrastructure projects and fight against illegal drugs particularly in Cebu.

She described the president as a man worthy of emulation by other government officials whose terms are about to end this month after losing in the last May 9 elections.

"The humility of the man who has done so much cannot be denied, his Build, Build, Build program has been a resounding success and that will always be his everlasting legacy and his all-out war against drugs," Garcia said on Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

"I hope that others will take a cue from President Duterte. As you noticed he has not even uttered a word to expect the next administration to conform with this policies or to continue his programs, basta niingon sya nga kun unsa to akong nahimo mao na to. Kung kulang mao ra gyud to akong kaya (as long as he says that what I did that's it. If it's not enough, that's all I can do) and that shows how humble this man is and that's the way it should go," she added.

"Let me tell you I know because General Garbo was our regional director here. That narco-general I know him very well...we would have become a narcostate ngano (why)? The generals themselves are involved," Garcia said. (ANV, TPT)

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