Garcia, DND execs eye lot in Camp Lapu-Lapu as relocation site for Viscom headquarters

THE Cebu Provincial Government and the Department of National Defense (DND) are now looking into the possibility of using the “expropriated lots” as the relocation site for the Visayas Command headquarters.

Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia discussed during her meeting with the DND officials headed by Assistant Secretary Emmanuel Anthony Ramos the “expropriated lots” in Camp Lapu-Lapu in Barangay Lahug, Cebu City, which was donated by the national government to the DND and has an area of 12 hectares, as the possible relocation site for the military headquarters.

The lot in Medellin town, northern Cebu was also mentioned during the meeting as another area where the military can install their headquarters.

Garcia said she already wanted the military to move out of the Capitol-owned lot so she can develop the area, earn income from it and be able to raise funds for their various projects around the province.

The 17.5-hectare lot that is being occupied by the Visayas Command was donated to the military by the provincial government, under then governor Jose Briones on October 12, 1959, on condition that it be used for military purposes only.

But it was found out that only 14 portions of the lots were used for military purposes, while the remaining areas were used as a golf driving range and residential sites for military personnel and informal settlers, among other uses.

Governor Garcia recovered the lot last October as the military allegedly failed to follow what was stipulated in the contract. (ANV, TPT)