Garcia releases new guidelines for Cebu Province tourism

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RADIO-FREQUENCY identification (RFID) will now be used by local tourists in the Cebu Province as tourism reopens.

This is what Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia emphasized when she issued the order that outlines the rules towns should follow.

Garcia issued Executive Order (EO) 20-A on July 23, 2020 during a press conference at the Capitol.

Those who wish to visit the Province should register through the online portal of the Province of Cebu, created in partnership with the Provincial Tourism Office, Department of Tourism, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Health and the Cebu Provincial Police Office.

This aims to limit the number of visitors and determine their target destination in advance.

The online portal will provide tourists with relevant information such as the new guidelines and what to bring on their trip.

Payments will be done through money remittance centers.

Once registration is complete, the tourist will be given a RFID that should be worn around the wrist.

The RFID will have confirmation codes to identify the destination and tourism activities of each tourist.

Garcia said during the press conference: “This way, we can trace your whereabouts and contacts, and it will include an e-wallet which you can use for cashless payment. It’s part of the package. You have to pay for it and wear it all the time.”

The whale shark watching in Oslob town, the first tourism activity in the province, is slated to resume next week.

Other activities to resume include sightseeing, zipline adventure, parasailing, ATV (all-terrain vehicle) riding, trekking, mountaineering, spelunking and museum visits.

All activities should follow the protocol set for areas under modified general community quarantine.

These include maintaining a 50 percent operating capacity and wearing of masks and protective gear to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The EO also states that tour operators should disinfect the areas and equipment for their activities.

Garcia clarified that the reopening of tourism does not mean that tourists are free to enter and exit the towns anytime they want to.

The reopening is to help establishments like restaurants and hotels and their employees get back on their feet.

Garcia also issued Executive Order 20-B which designates the Provincial Tourism Task Force to monitor establishments and ensure that they are compliant with all the new guidelines for the tourism activities. (ANV / CCP)