GBP assures power supply amid Covid-19 quarantine

GLOBAL Business Power Corporation (GBP) has assured uninterrupted power supply in Cebu as it placed its power plants in lockdown to support the region and the rest of the country in dealing with the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

GBP, through subsidiaries Cebu Energy Development Corporation and Toledo Power Co., is a major supplier of electricity in the Cebu province, with a total combined capacity of 428 MW.

“As COVID-19 threatens further transmission, we declared a precautionary lockdown for all power plants in Toledo City effective March 23 to April 22, 2020, prior to the issuance of the enhanced community quarantine ordinance by the local government,” said GBP Cebu Site operations head Leah G. Diaz.

“Our Business Continuity Plan is in place to ensure that operations continue and that our people are protected in this time of health emergency. We are taking all possible steps to safeguard the well-being and health of our employees. They are our ‘frontliners’,” said GBP president Jaime Azurin. “We salute their commitment to their call of duty.”

“They are making a big sacrifice being away from their families to ensure that the whole province will have a stable supply of power during this time of crisis,” he added.

A total of 296 personnel remain inside the plant – 252 employees, 32 contractors, and 12 NGCP staff, plus other outside support personnel.

“Those staying in the plant are involved in operations and maintenance, health and safety, commercial and other support groups. They will remain inside until April 22,” explained Diaz. “The company is providing them with accommodations and complete meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner, including Vitamin C tablets while inside the plant premises.”

The health of those within the plant is protected, with the regular disinfection and sanitization of buildings, facilities, and vehicles.

The lockdown restricts entry and exit of the premises, with the exception of deliveries of fuel, limestone and sand within controlled areas.

Personnel who need to enter the plant premises, for example, drivers of exempted deliveries, are strictly required to observe its Enhanced Safety and Health Protocol.

Meanwhile, work-from-home or other alternative working arrangements were implemented for office and support personnel. Their health status is also being monitored on a daily basis. (PR)