What 2019 has in store for Gemini

Kerry Ward
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Changes coming in 2019 - Seven of Swords

Your natural openness and desire to say whatever’s on your mind at any one point in time evolves into a shrewder, more cautious approach. You’re aware that some people twist what you say to suit their own agenda, talk shit, or are quick to fight you (which hurts, because you’re more sensitive than you let on).

Sometimes it’s wiser to stay silent and keep your ideas to yourself, until they’re strong enough to withstand challenge and you’re sure that you really, truly mean it.

Relationships - The Hierophant

A deepening commitment to those who really matter unfolds this year. Moving in, engagement, marriage, vow renewal, children are ALL on the cards in 2019. You want to solidify and justify your relationships, in a traditional way. Not like you at ALL, Gemini!

You’ve got faith in those closest to you, and the idea of making that official… well, it’s the right time.

For single Geminis, watch out for a Virgo about to rock your world.

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Career development - The Lovers

It’s not unusual to find you in two minds about things and, during summer, this comes to a head. Your divided feelings, conflicted priorities or plans for your career reach boiling point and you make some final, positive, lasting decisions.

That unleashes a flurry of activity and fresh momentum, as at last the universe understands what it is you really want here.

Greatest opportunity - King of Swords

This year is almost like the first year of your adult life. You set down more foundations and firm roots than ever before in your love, home and work life. Having this firm base enables you to see further ahead than usual and make proper long-term plans and strategies to live the lifestyle you dream of.

You realise that stability isn’t boring, it’s the platform to excitement. With a safety net, you can fly high.

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