Georgia Police Chase Ends in Multiple Charges for Driver and Passengers

After a car chase on a busy freeway in Cumming, Georgia, a Forsyth County deputy took the driver and three passengers into custody on Saturday, August 6, according to the sheriff’s office.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office said that the deputy pulled over the car, which had been reported in a shoplifting investigation. When the officer told the driver to get out of the vehicle, the car took off. After a brief chase, the officer used what the sheriff’s office called a “precision immobilization technique” to force the car to stop.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office said that the four suspected shoplifters in the car were taken into custody. The driver was charged with reckless driving, fleeing or attempting to elude, and possession of marijuana. The sheriff’s office said one of the passengers was found to have $700 in counterfeit money and was charged with forgery. Credit: Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video Transcript



- The southbound at 13 [INAUDIBLE] vehicle. 3621745. 83621745, silver [INAUDIBLE]





2152, we're going to fill up-- Dawson stop or southbound just before 13. [INAUDIBLE] times 4.


- Let Dawson know I have him stopped southbound just before 13, it's like, four times.


- Driver, get out of the car.


- Do you read here? Taking off on me on southbound.

- Here on southbound.


- [INAUDIBLE] This is 2150, you got charges on him?

- I have a pit. We're southbound.

- Put your hands up. Put your hands up.


- Pit, front me some more units, searching blind right now.

- Yeah, I got him. Driver, step out. Keep your hands up. Keep your hands up. Keep your hands up. Face away from me and walk backwards to me. Backwards-- back to me. Back.