Gerald, Maja Now Dating?

Wagging tongues have it that the relationship between friends Maja Salvador and Kim Chiu are now on the rocks because the former has allegedly been dating Gerald Anderson who used to be the latter's onscreen partner and rumored real life boyfriend.

The rumor started after Maja and Gerald were purportedly spotted together at an upscale resort in Albay over the holidays. Tabloid reports have since picked up on the info, citing "sources." Photos of the trip were posted Monday on Maja Salvador's official Facebook fan page, but these show her and Gerald with a number of friends.

Curiously, there have been no previous reports linking Gerald and Maja.

Seemingly adding fuel to the fire is the fans' observation that Kim had already unfollowed Maja on the photo sharing application Instagram. On the other hand, Maja is still following the other as of this writing.

"The Buzz" head writer Darla Sauler posted on her blog recently that she had personally sought Maja for comment through direct message on Twitter after being asked by people about the actor.

"I asked Maja on Twitter via Direct Message if the rumor is true, na she's going out now with Gerald. I requested for a statement and she replied, 'haha.' I tried to make her elaborate her 'haha' but she said it is not true," Darla wrote.

All concerned parties have yet to air their respective sides of the issue as of this writing.