German restauranteurs protest with pots and pans

Making noise and setting up chairs and tables outside the state parliament in Duesseldorf, they described their economic situation as "a catastrophe" and predicted many restaurants and bars will go out of business if state aid does not arrive soon.

At the protest, the North Rhine-Westphalia's "NGG" restaurant industry union head, Mohamed Boudih said they demand politicians to deliver a plan for restaurants to open again.

The manager of Berlin's tradition-steeped restaurant and bar Staendige Vertretung, or permanent mission in reference to an embassy, said his business had not yet received financial assistance for November and December.

"Now in March we are in our fifth lockdown month and including the first lockdown, that soon makes it more than seven months. We urgently need a plan when we're allowed to open again," said Joern Peter Brinkmann.