Ghost stories: As told by security guards in Cebu

This spooky season, horror stories are once again the hot topic. Everyone has their own creepy experiences, but a security guard is someone who has to face these experiences as part of their job.

To start the jumpscare, SunStar Lifestyle asked some security guards around Cebu to share their scariest experiences while on the job.

Medical school

“I’ve worked here for at least three years. It was around 11 p.m., and I just finished clearing all the floors. I went in the elevator and pressed the button for the ground floor. On my way down, the elevator stopped. The doors opened to a dark and empty floor. There was nobody there. I was sure there was nobody there—I just cleared that floor. So why did the elevator stop?

The first time, I thought the elevator was malfunctioning. But it happened repeatedly, sometimes even days in a row. Students who use the elevator during the day don’t experience this problem. It only ever happens at night. Every time the door opens, I get goosebumps. It feels like someone just got on.

As this event now became a part of my job, I got used to it. These days, if the elevator ever stops on that floor, I just step aside and give some space to whoever or whatever wants a ride down with me.”

Downtown university

“In my six years here, I’ve experienced a lot of things at night. But the one thing I can never forget was what I saw in broad daylight.

It was 12 p.m., and I was scrolling on Facebook to kill time. I looked up from my phone and noticed a man sitting on the stairway. The man was clearly not a student. He was sitting on a step with his head bowed, long black hair covering his face. He wore a blue polo shirt and blue Spartan slippers. I stared at him. He didn’t move an inch even while students walked by him.

The man was definitely a bit creepy, I thought, but he might have just been a worker who had done some renovation in the campus. Later on, I noticed that the man was gone.

As I passed those stairs, I asked students who had classes in the nearby rooms if they knew who that man was. They gave the same answer: ‘Who? There was nobody here.’ I tried to describe the man, telling them he sat on the stairs for a long time, but all of them attested that there was nobody there.”

Old bank

“I’ve been working here for at least eight years now. People always told me that the branch was haunted but I didn’t believe them at first. Our routine was to punch in our time card every once in a while. It was around midnight and I was sitting by the clock machine.

I was waiting for minutes to pass so I can time-in and go back to my post. Being past closing time, all the lights were off and I was alone. I was just staring idly when a woman appeared from the darkness. My eyes opened wide as she stared at me in anger.

I wanted to run, but it was like I was controlled. I was frozen. Next thing I knew, she was choking me. I struggled to get her off, and when I did, I ran straight for the exit. I bumped into a glass door on the way out, but I didn’t even bother to check if I got a bruise.

A few months later, I was talking with an old employee. He told me a rumor of a woman who hanged herself in the neighboring lot. ‘She was a janitor wearing their navy blue uniform when she did it,’ he shared. Then I realized it was her — those were the very same clothes the woman wore when I was choked that night.

Now when I’m on night shift and I get goosebumps, I just hope I didn’t make her angry again.”

The office

“The office gets creepy at night. I often feel like someone is watching me. At the front entrance, there is a lounge area where drivers and guards would sometimes nap. But sleeping there was always a challenge because we’d get frozen in our sleep. Our minds were conscious, but our bodies would not move. Many times I’ve taken a nap and gotten sleep paralysis minutes after.

Once, I was in the room with a driver who took a quick nap. He fell asleep for about two minutes before looking disturbed. His body didn’t move, but he was trying to shake his head and talk. We managed to wake him up, and he told us that he just experienced sleep paralysis.

Sleeping in the office at night is hard because everywhere I go I can’t sleep — something just won’t let me. I make sure never to stay in that room for too long. Whether asleep or awake, it feels like someone or something just doesn’t want me there.”

At the end of it all, one common mantra these night shift security guards shared to us was this: “You should be more afraid of the living than of the dead.”