Giant cat appears on Shinjuku's 3D billboard

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Giant cat appears on Shinjuku's 3D billboard. (Screenshot: Twitter/cross_s_vision)
Giant cat appears on Shinjuku's 3D billboard. (Screenshot: Twitter/cross_s_vision)

On the Japanese streets that are filled with so many advertisements on its buildings, it can be difficult to stand out. But a huge billboard at the east exit of the Shinjuku station, named Cross Shinjuku Vision, seems to be effortlessly attracting a lot of attention recently.

Measuring 8.16 metres long and 18.96 metres wide, the ad screen spans an area of about 154.7 square metres, covering three floors of the newly constructed Cross Shinjuku, the building it is sitting on. Boasting a 4K resolution and with a slight curve on one of its ends, this unique ad space is able to present an illusion — as if an actual giant calico cat is on the building.

To make things even more interesting, the cute kitty is set to appear as if it's waking up in the morning when the billboard starts operating at 7am, and falling asleep at the end of the day before the billboard ends its operations at 1am. During the day, it will appear from time to time between ads.

However, apparently Japan is not the first to experiment with this new kind of advertising. It was previously done in China:

And South Korea:

In fact, we have a similar billboard in Singapore too, except it has not been used as a 3D advertising space.