Girl’s pup defends her from ‘angry’ dad

You’ve got a friend in me.

We all know how loyal dogs can be, but this pup took it up a notch when it defended a girl from her “angry” father, as seen in this viral video.

Facebook user Fhomela Nemis posted a video that went viral over the weekend which shows her three-month-old aspin (native Philippine dog) named Panda defending her from an “angry” dad scolding her.

It was all for show, just to see how Panda would react, and the dog did not disappoint.

Nemis said in the post shared on Friday: “Your Victor Magtanggol has nothing on my Panda Magtanggol.”

She’s referring to the GMA TV series Victor Magtanggol wherein lead star Alden Richards acquires powers and learns protects the world with Thor’s hammer. Magtanggol is the Filipino word for “defend.”

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In the video, Nemis can be seen fake-crying on the foot of her bed while her dad scolds and pretends to hit her with a ruler.

Panda doesn’t like her owner getting hit so she hopped on Nemis and tried to fend off the dreaded ruler with her cute paw. The dog also barked backed at the dad for him to stop shouting at Nemis.

“All you do is [use] Facebook,” the dad said in Filipino as Nemis continued to “cry” while covering her face. The pup tried to comfort Nemis by licking her, which kind of broke Nemis’ crying act for a bit as she tried to suppress a giggle.

What a good doggo!

Nemis told Coconuts Manila through a Facebook message that they created the fun little scenario after noticing Panda get angry whenever her dad scolds her. “She defends me like a brave person,” she said.

Netizens were delighted with the video, which has garnered over 126,000 views, 2,600 likes and 1,800 shares.

Facebook user Vin Santos Jr said in Filipino: “If that dog realizes that she’s just getting played, she’ll walk out.”

Luzviminda Pueblo Hasal said: “[She’s just] 3months old? [She’s] easy to teach, hopefully, next update [what she has learned] will level up.”

“Cute, you’d think Panda was the one getting hit, because she’d react whenever her owner was getting slapped,” wrote a user with the Facebook name کاسیمیئر بھولبلییا.

Erika Estares wrote that Panda was just like her pet who also kisses her face whenever she cries.

“[Wow].. It takes away the stress [you’re] sooooo cute baby [Panda],” said Janice Galano.

Photo: Screenshot via Fhomela Nemis Facebook page

Be sure to get a doggo that’ll defend you from anyone.

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