Globe: Gomo MNP service to start Oct. 12, delay due to complexity of multiple brands

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IN RESPONSE to the recent news release on the supposed non-compliance of Gomo in the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service, Globe said it has yet to receive a copy of Smart's complaint letter to the NTC. Despite this, Globe strongly denies any malice or intent to violate the MNP law.

"Being transparent to our Gomo customers, we have sent out SMS advisories on the delay of MNP service readiness to keep our customers fully informed, " Globe said in a statement.

In addition, Globe pointed out that during the MNP launch, TCI, the joint venture company composed of Globe, Smart and Dito, did mention that birth pains are to be expected with the new service. "This is especially true in our case because of our multiple brands that have multiple functionalities which are differentiated from our core brands," said Globe. Globe's core brands including Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, Platinum and TM are currently providing MNP service. Globe also took exception to Smart's complaint, saying, "All issues and wins of the MNP service are being discussed at length at the management committee of TCI. All service providers are aware of the challenges currently being experienced. It does seem this complaint is being done in bad faith on the part of Smart."

Globe added, "Gomo will be able to provide its MNP service by Oct. 12. We want to make sure that the service will be offered without posing additional problems or complications to our customer. So far, the company has not received a request from a Gomo customers wanting to avail of the MNP service."

"We are sincere in our intent to give our mobile customers the ability to choose their favorite provider and we are doing our best to comply. We are also grateful to our customers for choosing Globe over other providers," Globe said.

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