Globe Launches ‘Prepaid GoSakto’ Promos

CLARK FREEPORT, Pampanga-The Globe Telecom on Monday night launched here the first ever "Globe Prepaid GoSakto," which aims to bring new game-changing experience to its subscribers.

KD Dizon, head of the Globe Prepaid said in an interview that the Globe Prepaid GoSakto allows prepaid subscribers to create and customized a prepaid promo that fits their needs, budgets and lifestyle.

"The innovation of new technology from Globe that GoSakto empowers prepaid subscribers to design their own promo according to what they need, recognizing the fact that customers have different call, text and surfing needs," Dizon said, adding customers utilizing GoSakto have the flexibility to tailor-fit their prepaid promo based on what they need for the day, week, or month.

To use and enjoy the promo, Dizon explained that customers or subscribers should first choose what type of the promo to avail such call, text, surf call, and surf, or a combination of all.

"Once the subscribers have chosen their promo, GoSakto personalizes the experience by letting them select the type and number of calls and texts they need. Type of call/text can be within the the Globe/TM network or across all networks, while number can be bulk or unlimited," he said.

He, likewise, introduced the newest surfing services, which can be availed in bulk (in megabytes or MBs of the data) or unlimited.

The new promos also give prepaid subscribers the chance to choose the validity of their calls, texts and surfing services from one day, 3 days, 7days or 30 days.

The globe promos can be availed by dialing *143# or via the Globe website at, or via Facebook where they can share their promo to their friends via the GoSakto page on the social networking site.