Gloves that give people with tremor a helping hand

These gloves give people with a tremor a helping hand

UK start-up GyroGear has invented this wearable technology

to help people with debilitating shakes regain control of their hands

(SOUNDBITE) (English) GORDON MCCABE, GYROGEAR DEVELOPMENT MANAGER SAYING: "The GyroGove is essentially, you have what we call our little puck which sits on the back of the hand. It is a spinning flywheel and while that spins, that flywheel, it exerts a gyroscopic force. So much like a spinning top that will always stay upright as long as it's spinning, your hand will always stay level while the flywheel is spinning."

56-year-old Jenny Field has had to develop a range of strategies

to cope with her tremors


"Essential Tremor is quite a hidden disability. You don't see how much it affects us, how our muscles hurt, the beating they take with the tremor on the move all day. As soon as you put GyroGlove on it puts your muscles at ease because they are not under so much pressure all the time so it just frees you up. You can enjoy your hobbies more, you could work more effectively at typing. The GyroGlove is huge because there is not a lot out there to help us."