After going viral, Tropical Hut is selling out across Manila — and is now hiring new staff to keep up with the demand

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After becoming an overnight viral sensation, once-forgotten homegrown fast-food chain Tropical Hut is experiencing a new lease on life after a viral tweet unleashed a wave of nostalgia among customers who frequented them in the ‘80s and ‘90s, driving up sales in its branches across the metro.

Now, Tropical Hut announced that it is hiring new staff members in its stores to keep up with the sudden influx of customers rediscovering TH favorites such as its range of Filipino-style burgers.

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Stock analyst JP Tanyag (@dyumidyepee on Twitter), the original poster behind the now-massively viral tweet, also announced that Tropical Hut was on the lookout for new members of its service crew ASAP.

Meanwhile, social media strategist Tammy David (@tammydavid) shared a series of tweets depicting the queue of food delivery motorcycles outside Tropical Hut’s Makati branch, with riders waiting patiently to pick up orders.

She also shared that the branch had to initially turn away customers dining in as the staff had their hands full with accommodating food delivery orders.

GrabFood also confirmed on social media that they were slammed with orders from the old-school chain.

Huma-hataw ang Tropical Hut! (Tropical Hut is booming!) Thanks for all your orders, laban nostalgia! (let’s go nostalgia!) A bit of patience lang, your riders will ensure that all your classic faves will get to you,” the brand wrote online.

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