Golf rising star Yuka Saso chooses Japanese citizenship

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FILIPINA-Japanese golf star Yuka Saso announced that she will be choosing to become a Japanese national in the next two years.

In a statement, Saso explained she is choosing Japan because of its nationality law.

“Under Japanese law, prior to turning 22 years old, I have to choose between Japanese and Filipino citizenship. I will be turning 22 years old on 20 June 2023 and, after much thought and consultation with my family, friends and advisors, I have begun the process of acquiring Japanese citizenship,” said the golfer ranked no. 6 in the world.

“Thank you for respecting my choice. I am grateful to both my Filipino and Japanese supporters. I would not have achieved anything in my career without your support. I look forward to making you proud as I continue with my professional golfing career,” she said.

Saso has proudly represented the Philippines in international competitions ever since she was a junior golfer, and most recently, in the Tokyo Olympics. Even if she officially represents Japan, Saso said she will always be Filipina as well, and she is proud of her dual heritage.

“I am a Filipina, born in the Philippines to a Japanese father and Filipino mother. I was raised in both Japan and the Philippines. I am immensely proud of my dual heritage and that will never change. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!”

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