GOMO offers unli, no expiry data

·1 min read

A new mobile virtual network operator, GOMO, is offering unli data for 15 or 30 days with a maximum speed of 5 mbps.

For 15 days unli data, P299. For 30 days unli data, P499.

This promo runs until March 5, which is today, but will resume on March 8-10.

GOMO also offers data of 30GB No Expiry for P299.

Eric Leif Tanbauco, head of Gomo Philippines, said in a virtual presscon today, March 5, that Gomo is game changing and gives what matters to Filipinos, which is data, in this time of pandemic.

GOMO, launched in the Philippines in October 2020, is powered by Globe. It is also available in Singapore, Ireland and Thailand, which have their own mobile service providers.

Gomo SIM packs can only be bought online. Check out gomo.ph

GOMO stands for "Go Out More Often."