Good morning, Wodd! Greet World Bamboo Day in stylish bamboo sunglasses

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The weather in the Philippines is unpredictable; it can go from sunny to rainy and back in the span of a few minutes, so it’s always great to be prepared. While everyone worries about getting caught in the rain, we often overlook how important it is to keep our eyes protected from the sun’s harsh rays.

With the threat of global warming looming above us, sunscreen and appropriate eye protection are daily must-haves for all Filipinos. Given the rise in environment-friendly practices to counter a corporation’s carbon footprint, brands have taken to more sustainable marketing habits, such as lessening their use of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, replacing plastic straws with metal or paper straws and preferring paper bags over plastic bags.

Wodd PH is one of these brands. It is a company that gives back to the environment through its sustainable bamboo sunglasses. Through its partnership with the Haribon Foundation, every pair of sunglasses you purchase equals one tree planted.

The company has won several national awards for being the best premier authentic eyewear shop in the country. This is bolstered by its excellent craftsmanship and dedication to providing eyewear that’s both fashionable and environmentally sustainable.

Each pair of sunglasses is crafted with the “Wodd difference” in mind and this feature is most noticeable in its lenses. Wodd PH’s sunglasses have FVA Cat.3 UV 400 lenses that are impact resistant and provide 100 percent protection from the sun’s UV rays. These lenses are also polarized, which makes the sunglasses perfect for beach-goers and drivers going on long trips because they eliminate glares and provide visual clarity.

Other than being crafted from sustainable bamboo resources, a pair of sunglasses from Wodd is guaranteed to be durable because of its double barrel spring hinges, which allow it to fit perfectly around anyone’s temples. This feature prevents the sunglasses from slipping and provides maximum comfort for its wearer.

What started as a need for eco-friendly souvenirs became a growing bamboo sunglasses brand that continues to expand its market and promote locally made products on a global scale. Wodd’s co-founder, Stephene Roy Condino, is optimistic that Wodd’s sustainability practices will soon make it one of the most recognized premium bamboo sunglasses brands in the Philippines.