Google launches online course on 'power searching'

Want to learn how to find cat videos in Japanese, the location of that photo your friend took or the name of the book you just can’t remember? Now there’s an online course for that.

Google is running a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), enriched with social and communication tools to help you become a “Google Power Searcher.”

The online course will start on July 10 and will be comprised of six 50-minute classes which can be completed within your own time during a two-week window.   

“The lessons include interactive activities to practice new skills, and many opportunities to connect with others using Google tools such as Google Groups, Moderator and Google+, including Hangouts on Air, where world-renowned search experts will answer your questions on how search works. Googlers will also be on hand during the course period to help and answer your questions in case you get stuck,” said Terry Ednacot, Education Program Manager at Google.

The Power Searching with Google course is just one of many free online courses that you can take to enrich your life and expand your skill set. US universities Stanford and MIT have been pioneering the online course format via Coursera and MITx. Other notable online courses can be found on Codecademy, the Khan academy and iTunes U.

To sign up for Power Searching with Google visit