Google Maps

There’s an adventurer in each one of us yearning to step out and explore the world. But with so many places to go, where do you start? Good thing you can make the most of your time with the world at the palm of your hands with Google Maps ( And with Street View, a feature on Google Maps that gives you a 360-degree panoramic view of various places at street level, experience a display of rich imagery from just about every angle—like you’re actually there. Check out 5 reasons why Google Maps is a lifesaver when you’re on the road or traveling. 1. It helps you find your direction. Forgot the complete name of the place you’re headed to? With Google Maps’ intuitive search box, you don’t have to enter an exact address to get results. As you type, Google Maps will provide you with relevant suggestions—perfect for “senior moments” when you can’t quite remember the name of that estaurant a friend recommended. Whether you’re walking, biking, driving, using public transportation, or even flying to your destination, Google Maps will present you with several route options, along with travel time estimates based on factors like traffic and mode of transportation. 2. You can have easy access to your most visited locations. Once you get the hang of Google Maps, it will begin to serve as your personal travel assistant. You can add Home and Work bases for easy access to directions to and from those places. Don't worry if you don’t have Internet connection along the way, no worries! You can make a map available offline in two ways: (1) go to Menu and choose Make available offline, or (2) go to Maps > My Places > Offline > New offline map. 3. Reviews of locations come in handy when you’re deciding where to go. Reviewing and bookmarking places will keep your favorites on the map for future reference. Reviews made by other people can come in handy for places you’ve never visited. Google Maps will show you the Google Score and top reviews with the total number of reviews for local shops or restaurants, along with photos, and business description. 4. Google Maps provides information down to the littlest detail. Have you been lost inside a shopping mall, or clueless where to find a coffee shop in the airport? Indoor Maps are available in several countries and select locations with over 10,000 floor plans of commercial establishments like Japan’s international airports, Singapore’s shopping malls, Germany’s large retail stores, and Italy’s transit stations. This allows travelers to pinpoint the smallest details of their journeys. 5. You can view sights through the perspective of other explorers. While Google Maps provides a 360-degree Street View of many locations including beautiful local destinations like the heritage sites in Intramuros and breathtaking underwater reefs of Apo Island, users are also given the option of uploading their own panorama through Photo Spheres for a much more personal 360-degree experience. Explore the lush landscape of the Amazon Rain Forest or peak atop the tip of the mountaintop monastery Doi Suthep in Thailand with Street View. Step out into the world without having to pack up and go. Revolutionizing travel planning and streamlining schedules, Google Maps is an exciting and empowering tool for travelers at heart.

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